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Get access to Free HIV self-tests so you can know your status and stay healthy

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1 in 10 people that have HIV don't know it
Getting tested is the only way to know if you have HIV. Get your free HIV self-test by mail or pick them up.
If you feel like some extra support, check out your options here. Remember, if you're HIV-positive, you can start getting treated, which can improve your health and prolong your life.
And once on treatment and your virus is undetectable, you can't pass HIV on to your partners. That's a fact! Also know that your participation is anonymous, and your privacy always protected.

Everyone in Canada should have the access to what they need for their health

The Starbucks Pride, Pan-Asian, Black, and Indigenous Partner (employee) Networks, together with I AM are raising awareness and action about HIV self testing.
Together, encouraging people to take their health into their own hands. HIV is preventable and treatable.
So, getting HIV tested gives you important lifesaving information and can help you—and others— stay safe. Find out more about HIV prevention and treatment here.
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