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Get free HIV self-testing kits, health advice and services to support you -- when, where and how that work best for you

Get free HIV self-testing kits, health advice and services to support you -- when, where and how that work best for you

Get an HIV self-test

Have a kit mailed to you or pick one up in person.
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Before, during and after you test, either online or in-person.
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Feel like you need more support but not sure where to turn? We're here to help.
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Attention Black Canadians!

It's time to take charge of our health and get tested for HIV. Don't let stigma or fear hold you back!
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We're Young Muslim Women. We're testing for HIV...

There is still a great deal of stigma and shame surrounding HIV in many communities, particularly in the Black and Muslim communities.

HIV cannot stop me from progressing. And shouldn't stop you!

Chantal Mukandoli, survivor, mentor, and community superhero, endured, and made it through the unimaginable ravages of the Rwandan genocide.

I am... putting my health in my hands.

We are all responsible for our own status. Utilizing tools like PReP, and informed decision making around sexual health is how we can keep our communities healthy, by keeping ourselves healthy.
Jordy D. Ironstar (He/They)
Community Readiness Coordinator

I am... an ACB woman taking control over HIV and sexual health.

I want more culturally comprehensive HIV education, increased access to testing options, and support and care that takes into account the unique experiences of our community.
Natasha Lawrence
Community Health Worker, WHIWH

I AM… unapologetically myself.

Take the time to learn, to know the uncomfortable. Don’t allow stigma to dictate your health. Get tested, practice proper prevention methods, and normalize these conversations so they don’t become uncomfortable.
Israel De Real
Community Champion, Canada Pride Network Member, and Shift Supervisor at Starbucks

I AM… a Black-African Muslim woman. I believe that good health and knowledge are the greatest blessings.

Knowing your status is in your hands. Get a self-testing kit today.
Muna Aden
Muna Aden Projects Evaluator. WHIWH

I am… Indigenous.

Celebrating life
Tending to our People
Tending to our future
Is why I know my HIV status.
Harlan Pruden
Cree Two-Spirit Community Organizer

I am... a woman.
I am... black.
I am... a mother, an aunt, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

HIV self-testing allows for Self-Determination and Informed Consent. Self-testing improves individual and collective Resistance, Resilience, Liberation.
Maureen Owino
Activist, Scholar/Researcher, PHD student York University, CIHR Vanier Scholar CAHR 2022 Red Ribbon Award Recipient

I am… connected to my Indigenous culture.

Respect yourself: this body our spirit lives within. Protect yourself: I got tested, am on treatment. I am thriving. Happy and healthy.
Trevor Stratton
Indigenous Leadership Policy Manager (he/him) CAAN

I am… into BDSM/Kink.

Get tested often... A quick test takes a few minutes to be responsible to protect yourself and others. We have to be in this together.
Davide Pistilli
Artist and Hospitality Manager

I am… a PROUD Advocate!

Sometimes my advocacy is in a leadership position, sometimes it's on the front lines. Regardless of my role, it always starts with testing.
Ken Miller
Executive Director, Canadian AIDS Society / Directeur Général, La Société Canadienne du Sida

I am... a traditional medicine practitioner.

As women, we are the life-givers, caretakers of life, for past, present, future generations. It is important to test to know your HIV status, then the choice to take care of your health and well-being is there. Knowing is important. Once you know, you cannot un-know. And you can take action.
Margaret Kisikaw Piyesis
Cree Daughter, Mother, Auntie & Grandmother

I am… a loving space.

Through my life I have been Involved in a lot of community building, and sometimes the most important thing you can do is show up. So show up for yourself and get tested regularly.
John M. Forget
Community Advocate Creator of “I’m a Loving Space” button campaign

I AM... a researcher, service provider and have been around HIV for many years.

HIV self-testing allows you autonomy and control of your information. It gives you the time to make plans about your next move. Whom you want to tell, how to tell them and what you want to share. Whatever your next actions may be… we will be there with you.
Wangari Tharao
Research Director, Women’s Health In Women’s Hands

I am... a father.
I am... loved.
I am... a lover.
I am... here.

HIV self-testing gives you more control over your health.
Arthur Dave Miller
HIV Advocate, Researcher, Community Health Educator and Peer mentor, Healing Our Nations

I am... an advocate. I celebrate the power of storytelling.

As an Indigenous woman, it was important for me to get tested. The HIV positive diagnosis was a turning point to my reconnecting to my family, my community, and my Indigenous culture. We are still here!!
Doris Peltier
Community Engagement Coordinator, Feast Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research

I am… a kind, confident communicator.

HIV-self testing is a game changer! I encourage everyone to take the plunge and get tested. Once you know your status and get the supports you need you can rise to your potential, regardless of outcome. Get tested and test often.
James Watson
Host / Producer, pozcast, Research Manager, REACH Nexus

I AM… A free, HIV education activist in my community.

Knowing your status gives you peace of mind. People should know their status and feel comfortable to do the self-test. It is about your health. And not about who you are.
Wale Ajiboye
Senior Research Associate, St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health, Toronto
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working with the Starbucks partner (employee) networks to reach people who are undiagnosed with HIv

Together, encouraging people to take their health into their own hands.
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WORKING with The Starbucks Partner (Employee) networks to reach people who are undiagnosed with HIV

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Together, encouraging people to take their health into their own hands.
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